Welcome to Little Hands ELC Morayfield. In our unique centre environment, we aim to provide a Philosophy that is in Action, that reflects how we can provide your child, family and community with quality care and education. The following is an active document that shapes and empowers educators to support your family.

Secure, Respectful & Reciprocal Relationships

At Little Hands ELC Morayfield we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with children and their families that are respectful and reciprocal. We achieve this by having a ‘Primary Caregiving’ process whereby children have an educator in their rooms who is consistently there to support their emotional needs. This process supports the attachment theory whereby children are able to build meaningful attachments when they are supported by a small number of consistent adults. This is very important in early childhood because this build the foundation for future skills to build relationships in later life.
Partnerships: At Little Hands ELC Morayfield we encourage families to become an active participant in their child's learning journey. We support this by ensuring that each child’s ‘Primary Caregiver’ regular communicates with a child’s family and then shares this knowledge with fellow educators, children and then back to the families.

High Expectations & Equity

Little Hands ELC Morayfield provides an environment that is calm yet stimulating by providing all children with support to make choices. Choices allow children to feel competent and secure that they are respected for their individuality. Little Hands ELC Morayfield achieves this by providing an environment whereby children can move between environments independently from the inside and outside environments.


We feel this supports children to learn at their own pace in reflection of each child’s interest. It is the role of the educators to support children to move between these areas, make choices and to support each child’s agency for learning.

Respect For Diversity

Little Hands ELC Morayfield is focused upon the fundamental values that culture plays in a child’s life. Culture shapes who we are and where we have come from, it is the basis for our sense of ‘Belonging’. At Little Hands ELC Morayfield, culture is about where” I come from and what values and beliefs shape me”, educators support children and their families to feel this sense of Belonging by actively working with all families and celebrating each families cultural diversity.

Ongoing Learning & Reflective Practice

The Early Years Learning Framework tells us that ‘play’ is the foundation to learning and therefore children learn through play. The educators roll is to extend upon a child's knowledge and interests and consistently reflect on their practices to support this process of learning. At Little Hands ELC Morayfield, educators practice ‘respectful practices’ whereby the child's voice is heard and the environment is a calm, non-rushed, supportive and beautiful place to be in for children, families and educators

Centre Layout

Little Hands Morayfield is an 84 Place centre which has 6 Rooms:

Jnr Nursery Pod

Senior Nursery Pod

Toddler 1 Pod

Toddler 2 Pod

Pre Kinder Pod

Kindergarten Pod


If you want to find out more please book a tour to see our child care centres, if you're ready to enrol your child please visit out enrolments page for more details.